Commercial Janitorial

Taking on New Clients Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange Texas.   “General Repairs” had been working with VIP Janitorial for 7 years servicing the Golden triangle Orange and Jefferson Counties.   Many companies request reliable but trust worthy commercial janitorial crews, it is so important in this competitive market to stand out as being better than competitors and in many aspects, it comes to the first impression, and the eyes don’t lie. We have had the privilege of working with some of the area’s top national chains and some of our favorite local success stories!   “Trust Worthy” all our recruits have had not just back ground checks but we use the most thorough and reliable available “Aspen groves”, this updates continually to make sure those with good reports, keep good reports. Work Ethics; Our crews are rewarded for their 1. Dependability 2. Their behavior 3. Their work performance. We give monthly bonus incentives to assure that the crews get what they deserve and to us it includes accountability and true honest appreciation.   Choosing a Commercial Janitorial crew can seem like an easy choice but with experience we have come to realize how important that decision is. So, when choosing please Consider us as your provider and you will not be disappointed.